Impacted and Trapped Teeth

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Teeth can become impacted or trapped due to early losss of baby teeth, crowding or unfavorable tooth development. Early detection of these problems can prevent them from happening. 


The patient with impacted canines was treated with braces, extraction of the baby canines and special attachments fixed to the impacted canines within the bone. In this type of case an oral surgeon was needed to bond the special attachments to the impacted canines.


The above patients with the trapped teeth were treated with braces alone. Braces were used to open the necessary space to align the trapped teeth into the correct position 


Teeth can also can be blocked by adjacent teeth causing teeth to be trapped in different locations in the mouth.

Impacted Canines

Teeth can become impacted within the bone and can remain there without orthodontic treatment. Impacted upper canines occur frequently although other teeth can also become impacted. Canines can impact on the palate (red arrow) with or without baby canines present (blue arrow).