A severe overbite is a common occurrence and is typically associated with an anterior-posterior relation problem with the jaws. Quite frequent the lower jaw is deficient or set back causing the overbite. If caught early, orthodontics can correct jaw alignment problems with the use special appliances. If caught later in life, correction of jaw relationship issues can only be accomplished with a combination of braces and jaw surgery. This is why Dr. Hintz recommends seeing children around the age of 7 to evaluate for jaw discrepancies and make recommendations for future orthodontic care.

Severe Overbite

Providing you with the best funtional bite for a life time

This patient presented with a severe overbite caused by protrusion of the upper teeth and a lower jaw that was deficient. Fortunately this patient was entering a growth spirt and was treated with braces and headgear. Headgear unfortunately has been given a bad stigma over time but it still remains to be a very effective treatment for gowning patients with a deficient lower jaw. Headgear worn only at night can provide a great result without some of the side effects that hinge appliances cause.