Advanced Techniques

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Case 1 had surgical plates (red arrows) that were used to treat a significant over bite (blue arrows) without extractions. The plates allowed for the upper teeth to be retracted a whole tooth resulting in a normal posterior bite and complete correction of the overbite.

Case 2 patient had a lower posterior tooth extracted due to decay. Since the patient had a retained wisdom tooth on the side of the extraction, a temporary screw (red arrow ) was added to the orthodontic treatment plan. Both the wisdom tooth and second molar were moved forward into the missing tooth space (blue arrow). The patient now has her natural teeth and avoided the cost of an implant or bridge in the area of the extracted tooth.


Case 3 treatment for this patient was designed to address a significant overbite and upper midline discrepancy (red arrows). Treatment involved full braces, a temporary anchoring screw and a tooth extraction. The upper midline as well as the overbite was shifted to the right (blue arrows) utilizing the temporary screw as an anchor. These pictures show the process of using this type of anchoring device.

Case 2
Case 3

As orthodontic techniques evolve, complex orthodontic problems can be treated differently today. Along with braces, specialized temporary anchoring devices can be utilized. These attachments allow for better treatment control and stabilization of the bite. Attachments such as surgical plates and screws can be used to address significant tooth alignment corrections decreasing the need for more intrusive procedures such as jaw surgery and tooth extractions. Dr. Hintz will evaluate the most effective way to address your problems and will discuss using these special attachments if they will benefit your orthodontic result.

Advanced Techniques

Advanced Techniques

Case 1