Adult Treatment

Providing you with the best funtional bite for a life time

Case 1: Orthodontic treatment addressed a significant anterior open bite affecting chewing and causing wear of the posterior teeth. Treatment of this type of bite would normally involve orthognathic surgery of the jaws to close the anterior bite. An alternative treatment plan not involving jaw surgery was designed to correct the bite and produce a great smile.

Case 2: Chief problems for this patient included tooth and jaw alignment issues along with periodontal disease and failing restorations. Advanced orthodontic treatment utilizing special attachments corrected and aligned the teeth. Failing restorations were replaced after orthodontic treatment producing a great result.

Case 2

Case 1

More adult patients are realizing the overall benefits of orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment can address minor problems such as crowding or more complex problems including missing teeth, periodontal problems and failing restorative work. Alignment of the teeth and jaws not only produces a great smile but also improves the overall health and function of the teeth. Dr. Hintz will customize your treatment plan to address your problems but also will work with your family dentist to provide the best orthodontic and restorative result possible.