Case 1, Simple Crossbite

Crossbite of the teeth occur frequently and can involve the anterior and posterior teeth. Posterior crossbite of the teeth more frequently are on both sides of the mouth but can occur on one side only. An anterior crossbite can involve a single tooth or multiple teeth. The cause of a crossbite can be different for each patient. Dr. Hintz will determine the cause and the best course of treatment to resolve this type of problem.

Case 2, Complex Crossbite


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The case 1 patient presented with crowding, poor aligned teeth and a posterior crossbite involving multiple teeth on one side.  Treatment included upper and lower braces only, producing a great result.


The Case 2  patient presented with a posterior crossbite on both sides and an underbite.

Treatment included upper and lower braces along with expansion of the upper jaw resulting in complete resolution of the underbite and the bilateral posterior crossbite.